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Kamera Big Eye G3 WI-FI SIM 3G 16MP Poglej polno velikost

Kamera Big Eye G3 WI-FI SIM 3G 16MP

16 MP slika
1080P@30FPS video
SMS / MMS sporočila
SMS upravljanje na daljavo
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Big Eye G3 wildlife camera (also known as wireless hunting camera/ 3G trail cameras) is an wireless infrared detection device with 3G network. It is triggered by pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR). Any change of environment temperature caused by movement of animals in observation area automatically triggers completion of photographs or video. The detection photos could be sent by the camera to a mobile phone or mailbox via 3G network and remote setting of camera can be achieved by SMS.

A. The product can be used by hunting enthusiasts to detect animal and animal infested areas.
B. Ecological photography enthusiasts, wildlife protection volunteers, etc. can use it for outdoor automatic image shooting.
C. It can be used for growth observation of wildlife and plants.
D. It is also installed indoor or outdoor, monitoring home, supermarket, construction site, warehouse, community and other places.
E. Forestry units, forest police can use the product to detect stealing and illegal hunting, as well as for evidence obtaining.
F. It can be used in other aspects for evidence collection.


Main functions
1) Picture pixels: 3MP/5MP/8MP/12MP/16MP.
2) HD video: 1080P 30 frames per second. The sound of the video can be set on or off.
3) In the "camera + video" mode, the camera after being triggered to start every time, the camera will take pictures first and then record a scene video.
4) 42 infrared LEDs, in power-saving mode, only 20 infrared LEDs work; 850nm/940nm two kinds of lights are optional.
5) Starting speed at 0.5 seconds
6) 2.4' TFT color LCD screen.
7) Important pictures can be locked to avoid deletion.
8) Continuous shooting for 6 pictures.
9) You can set a specified period every day for the camera to work. And you can set two timers.
10) PIR interval function, can avoid the multi shot for the same object that stays for a long time.
11) By time lapse function, the camera will be set at a time interval to take pictures, which is very useful to observe the flowering of plants, birds nest, as well as monitoring unattended places, such as parking, garden.
12) Auto power off in 1-10 minutes whiles no keypad controlling.
13) Date, time, temperature, moon phase and battery capacity can be stamped in the picture.
14)7 operation buttons. The beep sound can turned on or off.
15) Free choice of TV out at PAL/NTSC.
16) Maximum 64GB SD memory card is supported.
17) Low standby power consumption, up to 6 months of standby time.
18) When power alarms for low battery, there is a low power logo on the screen with a red light flickering.
19) 1~8 zoom playback for viewing.
20) Supportive for nine square pictures browsing and auto play mode.
21) Device number will be showed on image file name, this helps users identify which cameras captured the image when browse files.
22) You can set a password for power-on.
23) Color pictures at daytime, monochrome pictures at night, switched automatically.
24) Supportive for loop recording, which automatically deletes the earliest photos or videos and makes room for new ones.
25) Dentate design on the back is more convenient for camera mounting.
27) The battery hatchway cover can effectively avoid corrosion damage to camera caused by leakage of battery.
28) Image transmission speed is high, transmit image via SMTP/ MMS, network support GPRS / 3G.
29) With SMS notice and remote control functions.
30) Supports thumbnail or original transmission.
31) Can flexibly set images transmission time, can select the instant sending or interval sending.
32) Set parameter on computer, which is more convenient.
33) If no trigger for 12 hours, it will send safe messages (time, electric quantity, storage capacity).


Technical parameter

  • Work Mode: Camera / Video / Camera+Video
  • Photo Size: 3MP:2048×2536 ; 5MP:2542×1944;8MP:3264×2488 ; 12MP:4032×3024;16MP:4640×3480
  • Video Size: VGA:640x480; WVGA:800x480;720P:1280x720@30fps; 1080P:1920x1080@30fps
  • Working Time: Day /night, auto-induction switch
  • Lens: FOV=90 degree (G3R:50 degree), F=2.4 (G3R:2.5),auto-induction switch filtering
  • IR Flash Distance: 65 feet / 20 m
  • Infrared Lamp: 42pcs; Visible light lamp/invisible light lamp selectable
  • Power Saving: On/off; Only 20 lights work after opened
  • LCD screen: 2.4 inch, TFT colors, RGB
  • Operation Keypad:   7 buttons
  • Beep Sounds:   On/off
  • Memory:   SD card, maximum support 64GB
  • PIR Level:   High/Normal/Low
  • PIR Sensing: Distance 65 feet / 20 m
  • PIR Sensing Angle: 90 degree (G3R:50 degree)
  • Trigger Time: 0.5 seconds (when use 2 GB card)
  • PIR Interval:   3 seconds ~60 minutes, Programmable
  • Timer:   On/ Off, can set two timers
  • Time Lapse : 5 seconds ~ 24 Hours, Programmable
  • Shooting Number: 1~6 photos (1~3 photos when in 16MP)
  • Video length: 5 seconds~10 minutes, Programmable
  • Camera + Video: Take photos first, and then record video
  • Playback Zoom: 1~8 times
  • Slide Show:   3 Second/5 Second/8 Second
  • Loop Recording:   On/Off
  • Lock Image:   Locked or unlock image
  • Stamps: On/Off, Logo, temperature, moon phase, date, time,battery power
  • Password:   4-digit number, each digit can be freely set with 0 ~9
  • Device No.: 4-digit number, each digit can be freely set with 26 alphabets or 0~9.
  • Network Band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz
  • Email: Two mailboxes can be set.Message notice can be set at the same time.Either original (maximum 16M) or thumbnail;(640x480) can be sent.
  • MMS:   Only send thumbnail (640x480)
  • SMS Send message notice
  • Sending Interval Instant, 5sec~1 hour, Off
  • Safety Message: No trigger for 12 hours, it will send message (time,electricity quantity, remaining storage capacity) todesignated cell phone.
  • Standby Time: 3~6 months (4×AA~8×AA)
  • Auto Power Off: Automatic shutdown can be set for 1~10 minutes with no operation.
  • Power Source 4×AA, 8×AA
  • External DC Power Supply: 6V/2A
  • Standby Current: 0.4mA
  • Power Consumption: 200mA( +700mA when IR LED lights up);250mA (start network, maximum peak is 400mA)
  • Low Battery Alarm: 4.8V
  • Interface:TV-out/USB, SD card slot, 6V DC power port,network antenna, SIM card slot
  • Mounting:  Strap; Tripod nail
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Network Module
  • operating temperature: -40~+85°C
  • Working temperature: -22~+158°F/-30~+70°C
  • Working Humidity: 5%~95%
  • Camera Dimensions:   147.5×100×77 (mm)
  • Net Weight: 350g
  • Certified: FCC&CE&RoHS