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Palica PL C3c 12,6" 384cm 3,25lbs - 2 sec. Poglej polno velikost

Palica PL C3c 12,6" 384cm 3,25lbs - 2 sec.

Odlična Prologicova palica za bolj zahtevne kraparje. C3c je izboljšana serija C3, sedaj še s hitrejšo akcijo, velika prva rinka pa omogoča dolge mete.

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dolžina: 384 cm (12,6")
akcija: 3,25 lbs
hitro- parabolično delovanje
velika prva rinka - 50mm
visokokvaliteten karbon
trasnportna dolžina: 190cm
teža: 335g

The new C3c rod series is a continuation of the highly successful C3 series that has served the brand loyally for several years. The new and improved C3c model features a more aggressively tapered blank for a much quicker and responsive action. This coupled with a 3k handle reinforcement and 50mm butt rings (on 3.25lb and above), the C3c series covered all situations from all-out distance casting to up close and personal stalking situations via the powerful yet forgiving 10’ model. As always, nothing has been left to be desired in terms of action, quality of components and overall aesthetics. A truly stunning rod series that will serve you well in any situation.
• 50mm butt guides from 3.25lb and above (Evolutive version excluded)
• Heavy Duty reel seat
• 3K Carbon reinforced handle section
• Fast – parabolic action
• Ultra grip handle
• Cork handle on the Evolutive model