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Rola Ultegra Big Pit 14000 XS-C Shimano Poglej polno velikost

Rola Ultegra Big Pit 14000 XS-C Shimano

These Shimano reels are setting new levels of excellence and come with all the quality engineering you would expect from a Shimano product!

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The Shimano Ultegra XS-C offers Big Pit reel performance with a compact body and retrieves over 1 meter and the Instant drag spool facility provides an excellent quick drag system and ultra precise fish-playing adjustment

Elsewhwere on the Shimano Ultegra XS-C X-Ship provides unsurpassed smoothness combined with cranking power and Aero Wrap II and 2 speed oscillation provides exceptional line lay - one of the best casting reels in its class.

The Shimano Ultegra XS-C Features

Weight : 5500 - 505gm 10000 - 635gm 14000 - 640gm.

Spare Spool : 1Ball Bearings : 4 x S-ARB + 1 x roller bearing

Capacity : 5500 - 340m - 12lb line 10000 - 350m - 12lb 14000 - 550m - 15lb.

Gear Ratio : 5500 - 5.3:1 10000 and 14000 - 4.3:1

Line Retrieve per handle turn : 5500 - 105cm 10000 and 14000 - 103cm