Rola Cast Force 4000 Poglej polno velikost

Rola Cast Force 4000


69,00 €

With its large oversized spool, Cast Force offers optimum casting potential. The large spool and rotor takes in 83CM of line per every turn making it extremely efficient. The rotor is equipped with anti-tangle brushes, stopping the line from entering the underside of the spool. Cast Force is very robust and built to last.• 3 ball bearings + 1 needle bearing• One way clutch anti-reverse• Aluminium spool with 2 metal line clips• Graphite housing and rotor• Wormshaft oscillation system with power drive main shaft• Large oversized bail wire and twist free line roller• Aluminium CNC handle with power grip• Balanced rotor with anti line tangle brushes• Multi-disc drag system with protection against the elements

weight: 559g

BB: 3+1

m/mm: 300/0,30

Ratio: 4,8:1

cm/rotation: 83cm