Rola Power Aero XS 14000XSB, PA14000XSB Shimano Poglej polno velikost

Rola Power Aero XS 14000XSB, PA14000XSB Shimano

Odlična rola namenjena za krapolov ali surf casting.

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260,00 €

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S tehnološkimi lastnostmi, kot so močan HAGANE Gear in HAGANE Body G free body, X-Ship, one-piece bail in X-Protect je ta rola zasnovana tako, da lahko traja več let.
Glavne značilnosti:
• Bearings: 8 S A-RB + 1 RB
• Line lay: 1 Speed, Aero Wrap II, Super Slow 5
• Priložena dodatna špula iz aluminija
• Waterproof drag
• Razmerje: 4,3: 1
• Teža: 505g
• Front drag
• Kapaciteta: 0,35–550 / 0,40–400 / 0,45–300
• Line retrieve: 103cm
• Oscillation speed: super slow 5

The Power Aero Big Pit reel which will come in a dark-ish and silver-ish version is an eye-catching reel for the fanatic carp- and surf angler. Stocked with technological features like strong HAGANE Gear and HAGANE Body, X-Ship, one-piece bail, and the new X-Protect this reel is designed to last for many years like a true workhorse. The reel has a relatively small body which gives the reel a compact feel. The Parallel Body feature is added to increase casting distance and accuracy by eliminating line slap during the cast. The Parallel Body in combination with the superb line-lay of the Super Slow 5 system will make sure that you can always cast your baits right there where you want them. The new Hi-Speed drag – which is even faster than Instant Drag – enables you to switch instantly from freespool mode to fight mode by only a very small turn of the drag knob.