Rola Dassault XR 6000 7+1BB Poglej polno velikost

Rola Dassault XR 6000 7+1BB


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Spro Dassault XR

Coming early 2017, the Dassault XR in sizes 5000 and 6000. Although XR looks visually like a scaled version of the Dassault, it includes fundamental changes. The carbon drag system upgrade creates 12.5KG of drag force, this together with the thicker spool axis and thicker handle has created a beast capable of handling the extreme stresses of Catfishing or Saltwater angling.

- 7 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
- One-way Clutch anti-reverse system
- Aluminium frame with carbon body cove
- BBR (body balanced rotor)
- Saltwater Resistant
- Stainless steel shaft
- Super smooth S-Curve gear system
- "Screw in" Aluminium handle
- Finely adjustable front drag