Pištola Walther Q5 Match Champion Steel Frame 9x19 Poglej polno velikost

Pištola Walther Q5 Match Champion Steel Frame 9x19

Prva "steel frame" pištola znamke Walther. SPREJEMAMO PREDNAROČILA!

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    Pištola Walther Q5 Match Champion Steel Frame 9x19

    Pištola Walther Q5 Match Champion Steel Frame 9x19

    Prva "steel frame" pištola znamke Walther. SPREJEMAMO PREDNAROČILA!

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    Q5 Match Steel Frame prinaša vse tisto, kar lahko najdete v polimerni pištoli Q5 in vse skuaj dviga še na višjo raven. Vrhunska izdelava je vidna v vsaki podrobnosti.

    Proizvajalec: Carl Walther
    Model: Q5 Match sf
    Kategorija: B1
    Kaliber: 9x19 mm (9mm Luger)
    Kapaciteta nabojnika: 17 Nabojev
    Dolžina cevi: 127 mm (5'')
    Razdalja med merki: 181 mm
    Merki: LPA nastavljiv kovinski zadnji merek, prednji optični
    povečana teža spredaj za še manjši recoil
    Dimenzije: 220/137/39mm
    Teža izpraznjenega orožja: 1200 g
    Proženje: 2500g, Quick Defense, pre-cocked striker
    Posebnosti:Steel recoil guide rod. Adjustable sear engagement, Walther Low-Profile Magwell, three magazines with extensions
    pištoli so priložene 3 adapter ploščice za montažo red dotov Trijicon RMR, Leupold in Docter/ Meopta.
    pakirano v kovčku, dodani gripi, 2 rezervna nabojnika in speedloader


    Why accept less when you can have more? The Steel Frame Champion weighs in at a hefty 1.2 kilograms. It comes with an adjustable trigger, Walther low-profile magwell and mag extensions. Three 15+2-round magazines are included.

    The Steel Frame Champion, a worthy member of the globally renowned Q5 series. It offers performance that goes far beyond what you can find in a polymer pistol. The Full-Length Picatinny Dust Cover shows that it’s ready for serious competition and the Walther Signature Ergonomic grip sits perfectly in your hand – at all times.

    The all-metal design is made to be felt and appreciated. Its recessed slide release helps with the shooter maintain a high grip on the gun without activating it. The Steel Frame Champion is a pistol that tells you it’s there and wants to be a part of you. It talks power and is built to deliver on its promise. The trigger is the best that can be had in a striker-fired pistol with adjustable sear engagement.

    The Q5 Match Steel Frame Champion features an integrated optics mounting system with a choice of plates for Trijicon, Leupold, and Docter/Vortex/Meopta red dot optics. Out of the box the Steel Frame comes with LPA adjustable rear sight plus red fiber optic sight.

    Intuitive marksmanship depends on a perfect combination of total mass, balance and weight distribution. All three elements are essential, and they must harmonize precisely. The reward: Powered Performance.

    Q5 Match Steel Frame Champion:

    Same design as the Q5 Match Steel Frame, but with
    adjustable sear engagement for “crisp” trigger break.
    Walther Low-Profile Magwell
    Three 17-round magazines with aluminum mag extension