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Pištola Walther Q4 Tac 4,6" SD, 9x19 Poglej polno velikost

Pištola Walther Q4 Tac 4,6" SD, 9x19

Pištola nemške znamke Walther. Model odlikuje odlična ergonomija, odličen prožilni mehanizem ter nastavljiv zadnji LPA in prednji fiber merek. Vsekakor ena boljših izbir med pištolami s polimernim ohišjem.

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Proizvajalec: Carl Walther, Nemčija
Model: Q4 Tac SD
Kaliber: 9x19
Kapaciteta nabojnika: 15 ali 17
dolžina cevi: 117 mm (4,6'')
zadnji nastavljiv LPA merek, prednji LPA fiber merek
zadnji merek se odstrani s ploščico vred, kar omogoča uporabo rdeče pike
cev ima navoj za kompenzator
Dimenzije: 188/134/34mm
razdalja med merki: 156mm
proženje: Quick Defense, pre-cocked striker (2500g)
Teža izpraznjenega orožja: 709 g
Ob pištoli pridejo 1x15 in 2x15+2 strelni nabojniki
pakirano v kovčku, dodan speedloader in gripi.

The Q4 shares the best in class PPQ Quick Defense trigger, which provides a smooth 25 N trigger pull and a short 2.5 mm reset. The optics ready slide comes with LPA fiber optic front sight and a rear LPA competition iron sight. The Q4 shares the same mounting plate system as the Q5 Match (mounting plates are not included). The Q4 comes with one fifteen round, and two seventeen round magazines.

Design and features are equal to Q4 but is equipped with 4.6" (117 mm) threaded barrel 1/2"x28 for silencer.

Adaptable. Efficient. The perfect integration of both professional and tactical dynamics. The Q4 Tac is unparalleled proficiency in a platform designed to meet your individual needs.

Time-tested performance meets technological precision with the Q4 Tac series handguns by Walther. Optic-equipped handguns have undoubtedly risen in popularity over the last few years. With practice, the right optic can help you become a faster and more efficient shooter. The Q4 Tac is uniquely designed to give you the flexibility you need to swap from iron sights to optics easily. Built for right and left-handed shooters, the Q4 Tac M2 features an ambidextrous slide stop and reversible button-style magazine release!

The Q4 Tac provides unmatched compatibility with the most efficient defense tools available today, allowing for the latest advances in both suppressors and slide-mounted red dots. Pairing these features with unparalleled ergonomics, superb quick-defense trigger, and lifetime warranty make the Q4 Tac one of the most versatile pistols on the market. Experience for yourself why the Q4 Tac is the ultimate handgun for shooters who seek nothing less than the best.