Puška CZ 512 .22 lr Poglej polno velikost

Puška CZ 512 .22 lr

Polavtomatska puška znamke Češka Zbrojovka

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Model: CZ 512
Kategorija orožja: B4
Kaliber: .22 LR
Dolžina cevi: 525 mm
Dolžina orožja: 1000 mm
Masa orožja: 2,67 kg
Zmogljivost nabojnika: 5
Varovalka: Zaklepanje prožilnega mehanizma
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High quality, long service life, accuracy and safe handling – are key advantages of firearms made by Česká zbrojovka. And all these qualities are also found on this new semi-automatic rimfire rifle designated as the CZ 512.

It is a firearm operating on the blow back breech system, designed for hunting and target shooting. The CZ 512 is equipped with the manual safety preventing any accidental discharge. For the scope mount attachment is this rifle provided with rails located at the top section of the receiver. Characteristic feature of this firearm is an excellent balance, which guaranties quick and easy aiming. The sights of this firearm are easy to read and adjustable for elevation and windage. The version made in.22 LR cal. is designed besides standard performance ammunition also for High Velocity (HV) or Subsonic cartridges. In order to make shooting more comfortable is the feeding provided by the system of replaceable magazines and thanks to polymer receiver the firearm’s weight is substantially reduced. Likewise the external design will please the eyes of connoisseurs as well as standard users. The lacquered stock made from wood of superior quality completes dynamic modern appearance the ergonomics of which enhances great feeling during shooting and predetermines this new product to be a darling of its user.