Boili popUP TUNANA 12&15mm Poglej polno velikost

Boili popUP TUNANA 12&15mm

Nova SAGA serija Pop-Up boilev nizozemske znamke Strategy Baits.

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7,90 €

okus: Tunana - Tuna/banana
dimenzija: 12&15mm
pakiranje: 50gr
Enostavno prebavljiva mešanica, izbrana za uspeh.
Mešanica ribjih mok in zapeljivih sladkih sestavin

SAGA, the absolute ‘game changer’!
An extraordinary bait doesn’t arise by chance. Our vision in relation to this bait is based on trust in the unique attraction which come from the fermentation process.

From the first bait out of the bag, you will know its a winner!

Tunana Boilies
An easy to digest mix chosen for success. The formula of fish meals and seductive sweet components will create a carp feeding frenzy. An all-season partner in crime.