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Raketa Airbomb L Prologic Poglej polno velikost

Raketa Airbomb L Prologic


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Control your baiting patterns like never before; tight baiting, spread baiting;AirBomb’s unique trigger opening allows you to do it all. ‘fast scoop’ design allowsyou to fill with one hand; loading is quick and easy. streamlined aerodynamic bodyassures you of maximum distance and precision accuracy every cast. boastingunrivalled performance and ruthless efficiency the AirBomb is now the only solutionto bait delivery.

• Unloaded weight 74 gram / 2.61oz.for size L
• Approximate loaded weight 180 gram / 6.34oz. for size L
• Recommended tackle: 4lb to 5lb test curve spod rod, spod reel, braided mainline
and shock leader.