Puška Winchester M70 Ultimate Shadow .308 Win. Poglej polno velikost

Puška Winchester M70 Ultimate Shadow .308 Win.

Odlična delovna puška s sintetičnim "soft touch" kopitom.

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768,60 €

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Kaliber: .308 Win.
Dolžina Cevi: 56cm
Skupna dolžina: 107cm
Kapaciteta nab: 5, fiksen
Kopito: črno, sintetika - "soft touch" obdelava
teža: 3kg

Workhorse design with Pre-64 action, composite stock with soft touch gripping surfaces and superior recoil pad.

At first glance this rifle looks different. In this case, different is very good. The Model 70 Ultimate Shadow, with its flowing lines and integrated, rubberized, oval-dot gripping surfaces on the pistol grip and fore-end looks distinct from other composite rifles. When you pick it up, you’ll know why. The stock immediately gives you a comfortable, secure hold even when wet or cold. It feels tight (and light) in your hands and gives you better control from any shooting angle.

Lightweight is good. The Ultimate Shadow is also lightweight. You can carry it into remote, rugged country without worrying about any extra weight, or dinging up the rifle when the hike gets rough. The free-floating barrel and M.O.A. Trigger System contributes to exceptional accuracy and its classic, Controlled Round Feed action continues to make the Ultimate Shadow’s receiver the most reliable and smoothest cycling in the industry. The Ultimate Shadow is offered in a 22", 24" or 26" blued barrel and available in popular standard calibers and three WSM calibers.