Revolver S&W M686 6'', kal. 357 Mag. Poglej polno velikost

Revolver S&W M686 6'', kal. 357 Mag.

Odličen revolver znamke Smith & Wesson.

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Znamka: Smith & Wesson
Model: 686
Kaliber: .357 Mag.
Dolžina cevi: 6" (152mm)
kapaciteta bobna: 6
Proženje: DA / SA
Obdelava: chrome
Ročaj: gumi grip
zadnji merek nastavljiv, prednji "Red Ramp"
dolžina orožja: 302 mm
teža: 1270g
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Smith & Wesson L-Frame revolvers are built to suit the demands of the most serious firearms enthusiast. Available in six and seven shot cylinders, the L-Frame has a strong, durable frame and barrel built for continuous Magnum usage. As police officers and hunters will attest, this firearm is made to withstand heavy use.