Revolver HW 9 ST 6", kal. 22lr. , Arminius Poglej polno velikost

Revolver HW 9 ST 6", kal. 22lr. , Arminius

Revolver nemškega proizvajalca Hermann Weihrauch.

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479,00 €

Znamka: Arminius
Proizvajalec: Hermann Weihrauch, Nemčija
Model: HW 9 ST
kaliber: .22 lr
Kapaciteta bobna: 6
Delovanje: DA/SA
Dolžina cevi: 6" (152mm)
Nastavljiv zadnji merek
Ročaj: lesen - grip ročaj (square butt)
Teža: 1270g

These Match revolvers are well known and popular models for target shooting, attractive both in quality and price.
They grant a very good basis for successful competition. Among other features, these revolvers have a very fine adjustable trigger and a large trigger shoe.
Accessories are:
– front sights and rear sights in various sizes,
– a special match grip with adjustable thumb rest