Dip & Soak 150ml STRAWBERRY FISH Poglej polno velikost

Dip & Soak 150ml STRAWBERRY FISH

Dip za boile.

Okus: Jagoda/Riba

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    Dip & Soak 150ml STRAWBERRY FISH

    Dip & Soak 150ml STRAWBERRY FISH

    Dip za boile.

    Okus: Jagoda/Riba

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    Strawberry Fish

    Sweet with fishmeal; a combination that is increasingly being used and not without reason. The combination is so good because the stale (after) taste that fish meal often creates in bait is camouflaged by a sweetner and a taste flavour. So you benefit from the proteins and Amino pattern of the fishmeal together with the advantages of a sweet boilie. This bait is produced with white-fish meal only. This product is used much less than LT fish meal, but is definitely as good. A water-soluble sweetener is added so that the boilie has a fresh, sweet taste.

    CodeStrawberry FishContentSize

    8950 007

    Ready Mades1 Bag = 1Kg14mm
    8950 107Ready Mades1 Bag = 2,5Kg14mm

    8951 007

    Ready Mades1 Bag = 1Kg20mm

    8951 107

    Ready Mades1 Bag = 2,5Kg20mm
    8960 007Pop-Ups1 jar = 50gr12mm
    8960 107Pop-Ups1 jar = 50gr20mm
    8961 007Fluo Pop-Ups1 jar = 50gr12mm
    8961 107Fluo Pop-Ups1 jar = 50gr20mm
    8965 007Dip & Soak1 jar = 150ml-