Rola RED ARC 4000 (2019) SPRO Poglej polno velikost

Rola RED ARC 4000 (2019) SPRO

Legenda se vrača! Večkrat nagrajena spin rola.

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124,00 €

The Red Arc boasts many new upgrades when compared with the original. The reel features
mostly full metal components which include the handle screw, grip and oversized CNC
aluminium drag knob. The handle has been replaced with a sleek screw-in version which
compliments the original ultra-smooth worm shaft gear system. The rotor is lighter and the line
roller improved. A true engineering master class.

• 6+1 BB
• Anti-reverse switch
• Tuff Body aluminium body
• Lightweight Graphite Rotor
• Extra strong bail wire
• Aluminium spool
• CNC screw in handle
• Wormshaft gear system
• Zinc alloy + brass gear
• Stainless steel shaft
• Oversized sealed aluminium drag knob