Rola CRX 4000 Saltwater SPRO Poglej polno velikost

Rola CRX 4000 Saltwater SPRO

Spin rola sodobnega dizajna za morje ali sladko vodo. 

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71,40 €

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84,00 €

CRX is made using high-end components and
technologies which result in a smooth, reliable and
powerful performance. It features a screw-in aluminium
handle, S//DRIVE gear system, 6+1 Ball bearings and a
carbon / aluminium body. The CRX is a reel you can rely
• 6+1 BB
• Stable Aluminum + Carbon body
• Lightweight Graphite Rotor
• Aluminium spool
• CNC screw in handle
• S-Curve gear system
• Zinc alloy + stainless steel gear
• Stainless steel shaft
• Oversized drag knob