Rola SHIMANO Twinpower XD 4000XG Poglej polno velikost

Rola SHIMANO Twinpower XD 4000XG

For saltwater spinning.

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310,00 €

The Twinpower XD is developed for salt water spinning. The reel is made for 'rough' circumstances: salt water, wind, dust, etc. Because of the X Protect technology, the reel is suitable for these heavy conditions. It has an extra big handle knob for good grip, extra heavy duty drag with carbon dragplates, etc. How ever, it's not a typical SW spinning reel like the Twinpower SW / Socorro etc.; it's much lighter and has a MGL rotor. This means this reel is most suitable for relatively light inshore fishing for species like seabass, bluefish, etc. with small / medium sized lures. For the heavy offshore spinning with big stickbaits and poppers, a typical reel from the SW series is more suitable.

Shimano Twinpower XD
- Increased strength Micromodule Hagane Gear to overcome the most extreme pressure
- Hagane Body for assured protection and rigidity with advanced G-Free design
- COREPROTECT II to prevent water intrusion to the line roller and roller clutch
- Durable cross carbon drag for improved fighting control
- X-ship for increased cranking power and smooth rotation under heavy load
- Aero Wrap for excellent line lay
- Lightweight Magnumlite Rotor for smooth winding control
- AR-C lightweight cold forged aluminium spool