Rola Passion 1000 Poglej polno velikost

Rola Passion 1000

Ena najbolj prodajanih spin rol, sedaj v novi preobleki.

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49,00 €

Passion has been a favourite among anglers for many years. The ultra-smooth gear system and reel balance is top of its class. The drag knob features a built in rubber seal which offers protection against water and dirt.• 4+1 BB• Anti-reverse switch• Graphite body and rotor• Aluminium spool• Aluminium handle (1000 screw-in)• S-Curve gear system• Stainless steel shaft• Fine adjust front drag

weight: 185g

BB: 4+1

m/mm: 190/0,16

Ratio: 5,2:1

cm/rotation: 62cm