Vrvica Nanofil 0,06mm 50m CLR Poglej polno velikost

Vrvica Nanofil 0,06mm 50m CLR


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Berkley Nanofil 50m

The development of seven years research and formulation in the making. Berkley have partnered with the legendary DSM facility to bring a new formulation of fi shing line, it's not mono, it's not braid and it's not fl uorocarbon, Berkley engineers have named Nano in it's own category "Uni-Filament". Nano is fused using a heat process that binds over 300 fibres together - most manufactures
would use glue - however with Berkley's patented process these fi bres will not come apart like most others. To sum up the science, Nano casts further with less effort; lures will run deeper because Nano is so thin that there is no resistance or drag hindering the sink rate. Its smooth outer means that it is highly abrasion-resistance and the recommend knot for ultimate strength, is the double Palomar!
And for joining to fl uoro or mono leaders Berkley recommend the Allbright double. In amongst all the science, this line has just picked up the EFFTEX award for best new product innovation. Praise indeed!

    Minimum diameter but with superior strength
    Direct contact to lures and bait
    Immediate hook sets & no stretch
    25-30% further casting ability with no more effort
    Many applications for spinning/match/feeder/trotting
    The ultimate bass, trout, sea trout spinning braid.